I’ve spent the greater half of my adult life studying how to achieve greatness. Books, documentaries, workshops, you name it.  But one day, as I was reflecting on my childhood, I realized I’ve already decoded how to achieve anything in life by the time I was 7. Studying helped me connect the dots to what I’ve already known. How to be Limitless.

It started at the crack of dawn when I would hear Mom getting ready to go work. Work for her was from early morning to late night, cleaning houses to raise my brother, sister, and I. It was just us four. My mom was a work horse, our only provider, and never once in my life did I see her complain. She set a vision of being the sole provider for her children and she completed that vision every single day.

With my mom working and my brother and sister out and about (I was the youngest), to say that I had some alone time would be miniscule. I had lots of alone time… and it was during that alone time that my imagination became my best friend; my escape.

I can recall from when I was seven years old, going in the back of our apartment complex and throwing a tennis ball against the brick wall for hours. But, I wasn’t just having a catch with myself. I was in professional championship games, making game-winning catches, throwing game-winning throws, with roaring audience cheers. My imagination made a tennis ball and a brick wall that much more fun. 

Fun… that is how it felt. It felt good. It felt free. I felt proud when I would imagine. So, I quickly learned how to feel happy even though my surroundings didn’t always provide that joy. I imagined.

When I was nine years old, mom started taking me on her cleaning jobs which quickly became my new favorite thing to do. It wasn’t that I loved helping my mom clean people’s bathrooms, it was that I was able to now see and feel what I wanted and then imagine. I could see, feel, and sit in a closet that was the size of my bedroom and imagine it being mine one day. I could see, feel, and play with a kid’s toys and imagine them being mine one day. 

It was during these trips that I learned the power of imagining combined with feeling. I started using these steps not just for the fun things I wanted one day but also to help me feel better about myself. When I had zero self-esteem as I compared myself to other girls, I would at least try to use these steps… When I would beat myself up for not being “perfect” in a game, I would at least try to use these steps. These steps became my saving grace at many points in my teenage years.

As I got older, these steps only got more and more embedded in my mind. I started having different visions for myself, which some would call goals. I would feel as if it was going to happen no matter what, and in turn  I was then telling myself, “I got this”. It was the vision, combined with the feeling, combined with the affirmation, which led to feeling Limitless.

Limitless… a pretty overwhelming word…

How do we even start to feel such a huge word?

Let’s start with this…

Set a clear picture in your mind of who you’d like to be and the life you’d like to have. Feel that picture to be so real as if it is already a memory. And, most importantly, tell yourself that you are greatness. Be easy on yourself. Become your own best friend. Because YOU are Limitless.

Thank you for joining the movement.

It only goes up from here.